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How To Prevent Stretchmarks & Help Skin Bounce Back

Updated: Jun 10, 2020

From 50-90% of woman develop stretch marks during pregnancy, one of the most common times. A big reason why is genetics, if your family has them you are more likely to get them too, but of course, there are tons of things you can also actively do to help your body avoid them. I personally did everything I could to prevent them since the day I found out I was pregnant, and I luckily did not get any. Here's what I did:

1. Gain healthy pregnancy weight, slow and steady. Keep a good healthy balanced diet and exercise. Stretch marks happen when skin is pulled quickly so if you make sure you are gaining the appropriate pregnancy weight at a slow pace, you will help your skin stretch slowly.

2. Keep hydrated with tons of water! Skin doesn't tend to develop stretch arks as much as dry skin does, and hydrating your skin from within is a must. FYI: Caffeinated beverages actually increase your risk so if you do drink coffee or tea, balance it out with even more water!

3. Hydrate your skin with the right oils and lotions too. Since the day I found out I was pregnant I started rubbing Skin And Senses Fearless Stretch Mark Prevention Body Butter all over my belly (and arms, legs, butt...). I chose it because it is a natural, vegan body butter formulated for this specific reason made with pure ingredients, no water or fillers. Made of coconut oil, aloe butter, mango butter, cacoa butter, shea butter, Argan oil, vitamin e and Phthalate free Fragrance. And I instantly got obsessed (if you try it you'll understand why). It smells amazing and has the most amazing moisturizing texture that turns into oil to the touch of your skin. It of course helps keep your top layer moisturized but it also sinks in deep and penetrates beneath for a long lasting moisture. So I applied in the morning after my shower, and night, before bed. This is a must during postpartum too because it helps the skin snap back, shrink and tighten, so I still use it on the daily. PS. A bit into my pregnancy I also started using their Clarity Exfoliating Sugar Scrub in the shower, before I applied the Body Butter, because it exfoliates your skin and also helps prevent stretchmarks, with high fatty acids, prepping your skin for the butter (to get even better results) and also helping your skin tighten even more and fight aging, so I am still using this as well.

4. Eat a nutrient rich diet (no processed foods) and especially with foods that contain Vitamin C (orange, lemon), Vitamin D (yogurt & 20min of sunshine daily), Vitamin E (), Zinc (nuts & fish) and Protein (beans, eggs, quinoa).

5. I love to drink my "skin tighten cocktail" a juice with cucumber, lemon, aloe vera and honey. All nutrients that help you tighten your skin. I make/drink it as often as I can or buy juices that contain these ingredients! Keep an eye out for them.

6. I also apply aloe vera directly on my skin. If you can have a plat at home, it does wonders. Since postpartum. It tightens skin, and is a natural moisturizer. It reduces saggy skin and rejuvenates it.


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