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How To Put A Baby To Sleep






I get so many DMs with moms worried about this topic. Worried about rocking baby to sleep, nursing baby to sleep, cuddling baby to sleep, or cuddling their toddler to sleep!

Guess what? ITS NORMAL AND GREAT to do any of the above.

Often times we worry about how we are putting our babies or toddlers to sleep because society and “experts” scare us saying that we will create bad habits.

Let me tell you something. Babies are meant to be nurtured and loved to sleep and there’s not ONE way that’s correct. So. What works for your family? Are you enjoying the cuddles before bed? Are they putting your kid to sleep easily? Great, keep on going so!

Are YOU getting tired of nursing to sleep your growing baby? Maybe it’s time to try something new! Try cuddling for example. It may take your baby a couple days of adjustment, but with your love, patience and support, you’ll transition.

Find what works for BOTH of you, and that may be different as your baby grows. Not just because you nurse to sleep in the newborn / baby stage means that you will need to do that forever.

Let’s normalize that ✨


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