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How To Relax On Vacation With A Baby 24/7

Updated: Sep 13, 2018

Being a mom is a full-time job, even on vacay. So here are my top tips to relax while on vacation, even with a baby with you 24/7!

1. Choosing a luxurious yet baby friendly resort (like ours) has been the main key to achieving the needed relaxing time AND being comfortable with Sofia.

2. This point applies to those who have ONE baby like us (to the rest with 2+ babies... I’ll give you tips in a few years). But taking turns and being 50/50 with my husband is crucial! Sofia takes 3 naps so for example the first day, I stayed in the room with her and worked during her first nap while he was at the gym. During the second nap he went up to the room with her and worked, while I relaxed at the pool and beach alone. During the third nap he got a massage, and I worked. The next day, it was my turn for the massage while she napped with him and she took her first nap at the beach cabana while the both of us relaxed. At restaurants, we also take turns when she fusses, walking with her etc.

3. She still goes to bed 4h earlier than us so although we don’t leave the room then, we get room service, watch a movie and have much needed “us” time relaxing.

4. We chose this destination & the resort to NOT have to leave and be able to fully disconnect & relax (even with a baby) that’s what we wanted right now. There are other destinations where you have to sight see, and more exhausting, fun in another way. So your destination also will help you relax more or less when traveling with a baby.


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