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Save More & Make More Without Sacrificing Time With Your Kids

Want a few ideas on ways of saving more & making more without sacrificing time with your kid?

✔️Balance spending and saving: go to your bank statements, see where your expenses are going. Find out your essential expenses and know how much "extra" you are spending every month and where. Cut things off. Do you really need cable? And set up an "extra" budget you want to limit yourself to.

✔️Work on impulse buying. It's a habit. Break it. Only buy what you truly need and don't go over budget.

✔️Automate a monthly transfer to a savings account. See what you feel comfortable with. Ideally you should have at least 6 months of basic expenses saved in this account.

✔️Open other savings accounts toward specific goals. For example: a house. A renovation. A trip. Automate other monthly transfers to those specific goals.

✔️Don't rely on credit cards. Only spend if you can afford it, within your budget. Get a smart point credit cards that will give you points and always pay them off asap.

If you can't automate due to limited or no monthly income. See below for my tips on making side & passive income and redirect all of that earning to your new saving accounts: Another of my tips is “not because you make more, you spend more!

✔️MAKE SIDE MONEY working during nap times from home: Work as a virtual assistant, become an online English teacher, freelance offering virtual services, sell crafts on Etsy, sell your knowledge through services like classes/coaching/courses, start a blog or social account (this may take much more time!). No time during naps? Pet sit or sell things you don't use!

  • Personal Assisting Jobs: and

  • Petsit: Rover App

  • Virtual English Teacher: Vip Kid

  • Sell things you don't use: Offer Up App for things & Postmark App for clothes

  • Freelance doing what you love: Fiverr and Upwork

  • Sell your crafts: Etsy

✔️MAKE PASSIVE INCOME, work on creating a virtual product once and sell it passively: an ebook with knowledge, a how-to guide, a fitness program, an on-demand class...

✔️INVEST your money where it grows passively: property that you can rent/Airbnb or sell and make profit on. If you can't yet, create new savings accounts for this goal!

You can book my 1on1 2h coaching session here to figure more of a personal strategy! Limited availability.


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