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How to Strengthen & Prep the Relationship Before A Baby

We were two before three, and three before four. And I will forever cherish each stage. So different, and so special.

If you are currently trying to conceive (even if it's not your first kid) one of the most important to get ready for pregnancy & baby, is working on a stronger relationship.

This foundation can change the future experience & get through challenges ahead.

How do PREP the relationship for a new baby?

  1. Share memories: Your life will soon look very different (and that's okay) but make sure you schedule some quality memories and adventures before this stage ends and you open a new chapter! Create a wish list and make an effort.

  2. Discuss big parenting views: discipline, routine, religion, finances, care, budgeting, new expenses, support needed...

  3. Talk about your future dreams, set goals and ambitions together with your future addition, this will encourage you to keep sharing wishes that will strengthen your bond and keep it all exciting!

  4. Get in the habit of making small connections through everyday activities.

  5. Get in the habit of showing appreciation for the little things as those everyday chores will consume your days for a little bit.

  6. Practice not complaining to each other for not doing things the way YOU like them and appreciate that they tried instead.

  7. Set expectations ahead on what your life will look like with a new addition, who will do what, how you'll get things done, when you both will go back to work, parental role divisions, etc. The more you imagine and plan ahead, the more you'll prepare ahead, the more realistic expectations and less fights later on.

  8. Partnership, split responsibilities, check in daily to see how you can help each other. Constantly discussing personal agendas making sure everyone's needs are met and being a true team.

  9. Remind each other that every stage is beautiful and you may not get much time for each other in the next one, but you’ll have more time again.

  10. Resolve any unresolved couple issues.

What else is in my TTC checklist to get ready for pregnancy? Download my FREE TTC CHECKLIST, here!

Which one is most helpful to you 1-10?


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