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How We Are Getting Ready For Baby Number 2

This pregnancy hasn’t been about planning for the baby’s arrival with baby stuff. Because he will pretty much be using everything we already had from Sofia.

But there have been TONS of changes around the household that do prepare us for his arrival in a much different way.

1. For the past month daddy has been taking over the full nighttime routine (bath, books and bed) and this is it: after two years, it is now his role!

2. After two years, we stopped nursing. She was only nursing once a day at the end. But cutting it completely off was a big deal!

3. Sofía transitioned into a toddler bed. This was totally unplanned, but it also happened and it’s been working great. I didn’t plan to do it now, but she seems to be happy and hey, one less crib to buy the baby, and one less “change” to go through once the baby is here.

4. She started potty training on her own. Again this was a full surprise I never pushed her to begin, she did it all on her own. And although we aren’t 100% out of diapers yet, we are using pull ups, I do think she’ll fully transition by the time her brother is here. Of course there will be accidents. But that’s always to be expected.

5. Every time we draw, she draws mommy, daddy, Sofia, Luna, and baby boy. She is suddenly always including him in everything we do. Even when we are putting our shoes on or setting the plates for a meal. She has him so present! It’s like she’s fully aware he is coming. We’ll see how it goes when the actual baby is here 😅 but it’s cute to see she counts on him!

6. After two years of often night wakes (leaps, teething, nightmares, jet lag... there was ALWAYS something) she is finally sleeping through the night. It’s like she grew out of all those things and boom, it clicked. Sure, she still sometimes wakes with a nightmare or asking for water, but it’s not 5 times a night on average! TWO YEARS it took! But she started doing it, on her own. At her pace. Like everything else.

Baby boy, we are definitely getting ready for you!


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