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How We Divide The House & Kids Chores Right Now

Updated: Apr 11, 2022

When Sofia was born, I took care of her 95% of the time. Not because daddy didn't want to help, but honestly, during the newborn/baby stage, it was just much easier for me to take over, especially since I exclusively nursed, and I decided to work at home with her, take her to my meetings and gym.

Up until Sofia was 2 years old, I was with her on my own, a majority of the day. I loved it, and miss it!

When she turned 2, it was easier for Nathan to start doing things with her. He started taking her to the park almost daily, and took over the night routine, which also gave me a little free/alone time to relax through the pregnancy.

By the time Beckham arrived, my husband and I split Sofia's time 50/50, and I was able to be with the newborn all day too!

Sure, daddy helps with B when I need to (hold him for a little etc) but again, it's me 95% of the time with the mini.

But even if I spend more time with the kids, he helps more with the house.

I know that every family divides things differently, and there’s no right or wrong. But you always ask me how we do it, so here's how we split things (as of RIGHT NOW with a newborn and a toddler) when it comes to the kids & house chores!


Beckham all day & night

Sofia 50%: all Sit-down activities


Sofia Nap


Order Groceries, Online

Order Delivery Meals, Online

Pick Up As I Go

Make Our Bed

Buy Things For House, Online


Sofia 50%: Physical activities

Park with Sofia



Sofia Nighttime Routine

Place groceries up

Home cleaning (Maids cancelled since March)

Pick Up As He Goes

Take Trash Out

Walking the dog

Water Plants


Of course, on top of our businesses 😅🤪 But truth is, despite being obsessed with our businesses, being mom & dad are the best roles to us so we rather soak in this time and delegate more work to our teams! Being able to work less hours, and be more invested w the munchkins. Covid has also given us an excuse to do it even more!

Anyways, team work makes the dream work! That’s for sure. You have to divide & conquer.

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