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How We Get Adult Alone Time In A Family Vacation

We always travel with our kids (not like we want to leave them, or have the option of anyone watching them either) but we’ve traveled plenty with them so by now we know exactly how to relax and get alone time while on vacay with them. Here's how: 1. 1h a day mom and dad take turns (we individually go to gym, work, go to beach alone, spa, whatever we feel like). 2. Nap times: we have ALWAYS allowed them to nap on the go including poolside in a bed in the shade so they are used to it and until today they do it, so yesterday we also got 2h of pool nap & that time to unwind alone under the sun - it doesn’t always happen (at all because sofia doesn’t nap anymore now) but when it does it’s glorious. 3. Relax alone after they go to sleep at 8pm, since we go to bed at 1030-11. So that still gives us a few hours to enjoy the balcony, fireworks, room service, etc!

4. Utilize the kids club and/or in-house resort nannies for dinner time (we've done the kids club with Sofia a few times as she loves staying and playing with other kids and it's for ages 4+ but since B is still under, we only let him with a nanny during dinner ONE time and it was because he wanted to stay at the kids club too, but he couldn't as he was under age, so we hired a resort nanny to stay with him INSIDE the kids club with Sofia too, so he thought he was part of it, win win). What’s your fav way to relax on vacay w minis? Save for later & tag your partner so you can do these on your summer family vacations!


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