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I Tried The Kroma 5-day Lifestyle Reset and Here's My Experience & Results

Let me start by saying this is not your regular cleanse. I've done a few juice and soup cleanses in my 20s and I did not like them at all. They made me hungry, feel weak, and overall deprived. And I did not only struggle, but I did not like how they made me feel afterwards either. So what's the point? I said I would never do them again. And later, as I gained knowledge on health and wellness, I understand that deprivation isn't the answer to resetting our bodies either.

But Kroma is different, and although I was still scared of doing their 5-day Lifestyle Reset (as I was a little traumatized by my past experiences) I decided to give it a try because of their brand mission and whole concept.

Kroma is a superfood wellness company designed to NOURISH your life. They believe food is medicine and that vibrancy, strength and vitality are built from the inside out, which aligns with my believes. They make delicious, clean, organic, superfood essentials in convenient formulations that inspire new routines to fit busy lives and HEAL every system in our body.

The 5-day Lifestyle Reset is a tool to help you create healthy habits through fueling your body with delicious, nutrient-rich superfoods that set you up for long-term success. It's not about a new you, it's about bringing out the true you, to help work for you, not against you, with nourishment, not deprivation. It includes a variety of highly functional and flavorful instant superfoods and beverages that require little to no prep time (perfect for mom life) and shelf-stable which makes them perfect on-the-go too!

Here's exactly what's included in a day of Kroma's 5-day Reset:

  • Break Your Fast: Beauty Matcha

  • Breakfast: Super Porridge

  • Hydration: Cranberry Hydration Elixir

  • Boost: Plant based smoothie (Vanilla Cinnamon, Cacao Banana, Blueberry Bliss)

  • Lunch: Broth (24K Chicken Bone Broth, 24K Beef Bone Broth, Veggie Broth w/ Plant Protein)

  • Fuel: Supergreens elixir

  • Snack: Afternoon superlatte (Ultimate Vitality Latte or Spicy Passion Latte)

  • Energy snack: OMG Cookie Butter

  • Dinner: Broth (24K Chicken Bone Broth, 24K Beef Bone Broth, Veggie Broth w/ Plant Protein)

  • After Dinner Supplement: Calming + Restore Magnesium

After doing the 5-day Reset I am truly AMAZED at the experience and the results.

My goal with this was to reset after a couple months of crazy intense mom & workdays, where I didn't eat at my best (or even enough sometimes. I really was hoping for a little reset through getting high quality & clean, nutrient dense foods, with no dairy, no gluten, no added sugars, no processed foods... 5 days of pure, clean, whole, eating while nourishing my body and healing superfoods to feel at my best.

Let me give you a little recap & what I learned each day:

Day 1: I was sad to start my day without my breakfast, followed by my iced latte. It's a routine I usually look forward to. Instead, I started the day with the beauty matcha followed by the super porridge a few hours later and WOW. I did not miss my usual routine! By the end of the day, I was amazed how I still was energized, and I loved always having something tasty and nutrient dense to sip or eat! It truly made me not miss my regular meals, and NOT feel deprived by the end of the day, which was the most amazing part, truly feeling at my best.

Day 2: I had a photoshoot that day so before I started the reset, I was worried about feeling or looking tired this day as it's supposed to be the day you may feel some withdrawals of caffeine, sugar, alcohol or processed foods. To my surprise, I felt completely energized. Probably because I usually do not drink much caffeine or have much sugar, or any alcohol at all. So, definitely make sure on day 2 you are more aware of any irritability or fatigue. The OMG Cookie Butter that's included in the Reset is a great energizing snack you can have a bite or two of anytime needed, so on day 2, it did come in handy. I had a few bites of it before my shoot and felt fulfilled and kept my energy strong through such a hectic day.

Day 3: I worked out every single day of the 5-day Reset. But on day 3 I was amazed to feel so good and wanting to keep working out! This program is truly powerful.

Day4: I had a 24h trip and we were leaving on Thursday, so I was extremely grateful that the products are completely travel-friendly and shelf-stable, so I could bring them with me as is and easily get them ready on-the-go too. And I was able to not worry about cooking, and just have everything ready and available, instantly & effortlessly through my busy work trip.

Day5: I was amazed that I was actually sad for it being the last day. And super surprised that I had not been hungry or felt deprived once. Because you CAN also customize Kroma to meet your needs with extra clean / organic foods added on to your liking. I personally loved adding vegetables to the veggie broth, mixed berries to the super porridge, but you could even add free-range chicken or wild fish too! I didn't do add-ons often, but knowing I could, and doing it when needed, helped so much mentally and physically, without altering results.

What benefits and results did I feel by day 5?

  • No bloating at all

  • Amazing digestion

  • Increased energy, even to workout daily and keep up with the kids

  • Better sleep

  • Overall happy mood and feeling good in my body

  • More focus and alertness

  • Zero cravings (I didn't even want to snack while making my kids food!)

  • Motivation to keep going with overall better choices

  • Glowing soft skin, all over my body!

What I am taking from this experience is that you can reset your body and help it make better choices and habits with Kroma's 5-day Reset. It seamlessly allows you to switch to healthier habits, and generate real results, even though busy mom life.

And I will most DEFINITELY be adding some of their products in my everyday life from now onward, like the Beauty Matcha on days I want added energy with collagen, ginger and turmeric for extra benefits, the veggie broth with plant protein for quick nutrient dense light snack options, the Cranberry Hydration Elixir for electrolytes and the Super Greens Elixir Mix for an extra dose of greens.

When would I recommend or do Kroma’s 5-day Reset again?

  • If you are struggling to make healthier habits

  • If you are feeling tired, unmotivated, and blah due to your diet and lifestyle choices

  • If you have bloating and digestive issues and need a reset from whatever is making you feel that way to start fresh and make better choices afterwards and keep your bloating and digestion improved

  • If you want to add a boost of beauty before a trip or event

  • If you want to reset after a period where you fell off track, or after a trip or holiday…

This would be great for you then!

The 5-day Lifestyle Reset price ranges from $385-$495 but you get a discount with code MOMBOSSLIFE so make sure to take advantage, even if you want to save it for after Thanksgiving week or the holiday trips for example, it’s shelf stable and the PERFECT thing to have handy and feel at your best!


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