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Is My 2nd Pregnancy Flying By?

People say that their second pregnancy flies by. Because they are busier with their first born. But to me, it hasn’t felt any faster than my first. Any slower either. Simply, the same. I’m a busy girl. I am always busy. So during my first pregnancy, I kept busy too! This time, of course I’m EXTRA busy having a toddler, but being pregnant with a toddler also makes some of my my days feel longer, and harder, which don’t make them go by any quicker 😅 When I had extreme nausea and fatigue in the first trimester, days were never ending. When I now want to go to bed earlier or I have had a night of pregnancy insomnia and want to sleep in a bit longer, I can’t because my toddler sleeps & wakes sharp on time in the morning. Which don’t make the days go by faster either. When I want to lay down just because like I did during sofias pregnancy, I instead have to sit in a toddler chair w my belly and draw or paint haha. Or be more active chasing her. Now, don’t get me wrong: Its totally fine. Im enjoying these moments so too. But if you ask ME if the second pregnancy is easier? No. If you ask ME if it’s flying by? No. And, I’m in NO RUSH to get to the end of the pregnancy just yet! I feel like the 9 months are the perfect time to prepare, mentally and logistically. But it DEFINITELY doesn’t feel like this “pregnancy is flying by”, like everyone said it would feel. Which I’m totally okay with, because I’m soaking in the alone time with Sofia, I’m prepping for the changes AND I know that the newborn stage won’t be the same as my first either. So I am definitely enjoying this “relaxing” time too!


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