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It's A Girl! Why I "Knew" it was HER

I just “knew” it was HER. I was so sure that I even added her initial and female into my baby app from day 1. Why?

1. The main one. Strong intuition. I felt a strong feminine energy. Could it be a feminine boy? Sure! But I have always felt my kids energies before they were born extremely clearly and this baby def had a strong feminine, loving vibes that felt like a girl.

2. My symptoms and timeline of symptoms were EXACTLY like Sofias pregnancy. Nausea started at 3weeks & it got extremely intense vs with my boy, nausea was way milder and I didn’t have any until 7-8weeks with him, and only lasted 2 to 3 weeks. It just felt exactly like my girl pregnancy.

3. I asked for signs. I always communicate this way. So I asked “if you are a girl show me white flowers and if you are a boy, show me orange flowers”. All of the sudden, I saw gardens full of white flowers everywhere. But my human self questioned it “maybe there are more white flowers” so I asked for something random: penguins for girl, and lions for boy. Suddenly, penguins in my kids tv shows, books, stuffed animals in stores. No lions. I said fine, one more and I’ll make it even more challenging “butterflies for girl birds for boys” thinking Id see more birds. Well, I saw butterflies everywhere, no birds.

4. Sofia had been praying and talking to her before conception. She called her in.

5. My astrologer had told me I would have a girl next (if I decided to, we all have free will). She’s always right. But of course, I still question her.

6. My midwife said girl female sperm is found to be slower, but lives longer than male sperm, that is faster. And since it was 5 days before ovulation she thought I would probably be right, a girl.

7. My husband is always wrong and he said boy from the start lol. This makes it 3/3 correct guesses for me. Mamas just know best

Overall, I was trying to keep realistic knowing I had a 50/50 chance and so I wouldn’t be shocked if it was a boy. But I always feel my babies energies. And this one, was HER 💗🎀🌸

PS. I will not get over saying this: any baby is a blessing


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