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Jet Lag Tips For Adults & Kids

1. Work on sleep on plane. Aim for direct flights. Don’t start the trip with family exhaustion.

2. Once at destination, you want everyone to be on the same page: try go to bed when your kids do. Make sure siblings nap at the same time too. Or else parents may not get any sleep.

3. Forget about your old time zone as quickly as possible. Don’t even look.

4. Make sure you build natural melatonin to help regulate your circadian rhythm and synchronize your sleep-wake cycle with night and day. Do it by exposing yourself to morning light.

5. Boost better sleep with white noise, eye masks, earplugs, magnesium before bed...

6. At least 2h of no screens before bed. Especially if there are night wakes: Have lots of toys & activities for the kids to be entertained at night instead. Bring dolls, cars, sticker books, coloring books... activities they can play with dimmed lights. Parents can do beauty masks, reading...

7. Take a relaxing bubble bath before bed

8. Remember the food schedule may also be reversed, it’ll take a few days to flip: slowly eat more during the day and buy light & healthy snacks for the night wakes.

9. Try to travel during the summer months when there’s more daytime hours so you make sure you can get more natural light and more outdoor activities.

10. Try to eat healthy + regularly through the local daytime to support your energy at an even level. Stick to leaner meats, like chicken, eggs and fish.

11. Keep hydrating, with water, electrolytes and water-rich foods like celery, watermelon, strawberries, and cucumbers.

12. Parents: Drink a caffeinated beverage in the morning but try to limit caffeine quantity & to the morning too.

13. Keep active all day. If you are in a city where the kids will be in a stroller, include kid activities that will get them moving. Quick parent workout also help boosting endorphins.


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