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Legoland California

It was our first time in this theme park and I’m glad we waited until now. Sofia was at the perfect age and height to truly enjoy!

I wouldn’t recommend coming here with kids under 36 inches as a grand majority of the rides are for that height restriction. Yes, there are a few rides for all ages & a few at 32 inches, but honestly a handful only.

But if you have a baby and toddler like us, do the line as a family and when you get to the end, ask for parent swap and the toddler gets to do the ride twice back to back, one with each parent.

They also have huge parks for kids to play in all over the park, which are great for smaller kids too, a good option if younger siblings want to play while they wait or to burn toddler energy.

Capacity was limited to 25% due to the social distancing restrictions, so we didn’t wait in line long at all. Look into going before they up it to full capacity it’s already going up today, June.

Def bring stroller and lots of snacks, although surprisingly, I found that they have great food options.

We drove from LA back and forth and although it’s a longer trip than going to Disney (1.5h w no traffic) we simply drove there during B’s first nap & Sofia had her developmental game apps + snacks (super smooth) and we came back right after dinner, on Bs bedtime (730), and since Sofia didn’t nap and had a nonstop day, she also fell asleep and it was another smooth ride back, and we transferred them straight to bed! But they have two themed hotels on site, if you are interested in that option

They also sell ticket packages:

Theme park

+ aquarium

+ water park

+ hotel

We only got theme park which was enough for a whole day (we were there from 11am to 6pm, but if you only have younger kids that can’t ride that many rides, a combo of water or aquarium may best!

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Peter Spence
Peter Spence
Jul 08, 2021
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