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Affordable Dinseyland Day Tips

We have been to Disneyland SO many times, here's a breakdown of how much I spend on average and below how I make it most affordable:\

$104 x 2 adults on tier 0 day (cheapest)

$50 x 2 kids (with a fall promotion)

$44 lunch for 4

$5.75 lemon ice cream

$7.5 x 2 pretzels

$20 kid dinner

$5.5 popcorn

$18.75 valentines bucket

$120 lightning lane x 4$35 park

TOTAL $572

Which is expensive for a day, but considering that high demand days at Disneyland tickets alone are at $194 per person and that kids over 3 usually pay just as much as adults…. Not so much.

We also don’t have the costs of travel, flights, hotel, and more Disneyland days so I can’t complain.

On top of that we make it more affordable by:

  1. Tier 1 day (cheapest and emptiest)

  2. Buying promos when they come out

  3. Of course, kids under 3 are free, we have utilized that a lot in the past

  4. Having a big healthy fulfilling breakfast at home.

  5. Bringing in loooooots of healthy snack options to balance (best distraction in lines), of course I could have saved even more by bringing all our lunches and kids dinner too, and not buy the Disney snacks. But some flexibility makes it more fun & easy so to me this balance is worth it.

  6. Bring our big waters.

  7. Having adult dinner at home!

Some things I would not save on:

- Lighting lane saves the day on empty and busy days!


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