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Lessons From Being A Toddler Mom

1. They love to snack, so offer healthy snack options through the day. Balanced, with smaller portions of each category. And zero pressure, let them pick and choose. As long as you offer a healthy variety, why fight/restrict/pressure them?

2. Instead of mandating things to do, give them two choices every time you want them to do something. They will feel in charge, and get things done.

3. Let them be independent. Most times, we lose our patience because they do things slowly, but, it's truly the only way they learn to do things independently, and they have to learn and grow. Remember that and have patience with their timing.

4. Choose your battles. You can't say no to everything.

5. Embrace their want to help. I know typically having a toddler helping you means NOT helping you. But remember their intentions: they want to help you because they truly want to help, to be like you and learn. And it's the best way for them to learn, from their mama! So again, breath, and give them little chores they can feel like they are helping, that won't disturb you too much. And remember, it'll probably last 5minutes and they'll be over it. So, embrace it!

6. Remember to complement their actions and behaviors. If you are proud, they are proud, and they'll do the good things again!

7. Implement healthy (nonnegotiable) habits as part of FUN routines instead of chore-like activities: bath, brushing teeth, washing hands...

8. Stick to a sleep schedule, even when you travel. Most of the times, they misbehave when they are overtired. And who's fault is that? We can't get mad at them. Remember it's our job to allow them to follow a schedule and for them to get good sleep, even when we break their home routine.

9. Make them feel safe and understood when they are overwhelmed with emotions: help them to recognize their feelings, allow them to feel those feelings, tell them you understand and relate, tell them that it's okay to feel what they are feeling and that you are there to help them. They will actually LEARN to deal with them on their own.

10. Small talk: any chance you get. They learn so much from talking to us and they appreciate it more than you know when you CARE about what they have to say.

11. Quality time: it's all about quality versus quantity. HOW you spend the time with them. If you are away from them, make it up when you see them! If you are with them all day, I know you can't focus 100% on them all day, but be fully present for small windows of time, frequently through the day!

12. You can't expect them to be home all day. Fresh air, walks, runs, sunshine... they need it for their mood. Just like us!

13. Remember: all messes can be cleaned. Breath. It's okay! I know its frustrating but, toddlers are exploring. It's also not their fault that we choose white couches. Lol.

14. We create their reality: they believe what we say. Make their reality safe and positive!

15. Have parent friends with kids the same age. Hanging out together will make it more fun for you, and them!

16. Enjoy today: I know this stage is wild, but we will miss it one day. It also comes with good. Focus on the good, it's all temporary. And how we handle a majority of situations is in our MINDSET. Take care of yourself. Self-love. Patience. It's us parents who have to adapt to leaning about them and how to deal with them, we can't expect them to adapt to adult behavior or expectations.


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