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Listening & Embracing What Life Brings You

This summer a slow external energy came through.

Not within me, I didn’t feel lazy, but the first six months of the year were SO crazy between my businesses, nonstop side projects, paperwork (3 citizenships + 3 passports at once), house hunting on full mode... and of course, family life with two minis.

And out of the blue, a slower pace kicked in! Businesses were running on auto pilot, side projects slowed down, we paused the home search... and it felt like a total different rhythm. I was forced to slow down, which is very unlike me.

But I took it as a sign, and took those 2 slow months to reflect. To process everything I had accomplished. To reevaluate where I wanted to go. To do a lot of deep spiritual work.

I went on longer walks with Beckham. Caught up with more friends. Finally realized that some te relationships and projects were a waste of my energy and cleared that out of my way. And I decided to jump on my Doula journey that I never had time to begin.

Then September came and boom ⚡️ The energy picked up again. New projects were coming in left and right, I was creating and getting ready to launch my Pregnancy and Postpartum Courses in October, it was back to my usual pace.

October has been one of the busiest months of the year, TWO courses launched, my businesses have been busier than ever, and I’ve taken on so many projects.

Within this busy time, while I was in Mexico, I had time to pause within nature, and look back. Wow. Life knew exactly what I needed. A couple of months of slower pace to do the work that I never had time for: finally be able to provide an amazing course for woman to get ready to embrace motherhood with the inner intuition and confidence they deserve, to clear energy that wasn’t serving / appreciating me to allow better things to come through, to slow down, to recharge, and be ready for what was to come.

So when life gives you a slower pace, take it. Do inner work. Start projects. And soak that slow pace. Stop, and listen! You’ll know exactly what you need.

Has this happened to you?

Do you take advantage of slower times?

Do you have trouble listening and redirecting your focus?


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