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Looking Back To Move Forward

You need to look back to learn, and forward to succeed.

We all know that we can’t change the past, but we can definitely learn from it, and it can change the future.

We do, in fact, need to look back, to move forward.

Although I have university degrees, I’ve honestly always learned everything I know from life experiences, not school. Putting myself out there, and failing, is how I learned the most. And this is what’s helped me shape my future.

Don’t be afraid to try. Don’t be afraid to fail. And don’t be afraid to look back and learn. Everything will just be helping you create a better future! Here’s why.

1. You shorten your learning curve by looking back at failures and making better choices next time with less effort. It accelerates our path to success.

2. You definitely can avoid making the same mistakes. They are our best teachers. They make us stronger mentally, emotionally and physically.

3. You can anticipate a better future. By looking at what’s happened, you can better predict what will next and move closer to the results you want.

4. If you look back at things that have not made you grown, you can try new things. By having tried a lot of new things in the past, you will have more confidence or trying new ones in the future.

5. You can learn from others. Look back at other peoples experiences too. Get good role models and listen to their past. It doesn’t guarantee your same results, but you can most definitely learn from them!

Although the past is over, it does offer us opportunities to extract valuable lessons and use them to create the future we want.

I honestly think that if i didn’t have the guts the try and pursue my dreams, and fail many times along the way years ago, I wouldn’t be here now. I now know so much thanks to my past.

Don’t be afraid to get out there and learn your lessons today, to shape a better tomorrow! It’s the best school.


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