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Mama: Boost Your Happiness & Release Stress

Did you know that when you cuddle, hug or breastfeed your baby, your body releases feel good hormones?

These make you experience feelings of happiness & relaxation, improves your mood, and lowers levels of depression, stress and anxiety.

Plus, optimum levels of these hormones (serotonin and oxytocin) have also been linked to immune system improvement.

And happy healthy mama = happy healthy babies.

Nursing also improves a mother and child's bond, happiness & anti-stress feeling. Because oxytocin is in the hormone that's released into the blood stream to release breast milk. Both mom & baby receive an oxytocin hormone boost in their bodies: aka stress reduction, anxiety reduction, and feelings of overall happiness.

Sadly, quite often a new mom is pushed to believe that holding a baby too much will lead to spoiling her baby. That nursing after a certain age is wrong. And that cuddling babies in the middle of the night, or rocking/holding to sleep, is a bad habit.

So... wouldn’t we have happier, healthier, less stressed and anxious moms if we would simply let them do whatever the hell they intuitively felt instead of scaring them & making them feel guilty for cuddling too much or holding to sleep?

If we had lactation consultants included in our postpartum care to ensure we can nurse confidently as they grow, & feel supported through our struggles to keep boosting oxytocin levels of mom and baby through the first hard years of motherhood to release tension and promote feel good vibes?

If doctors would take the time to explain how important all of this is, not only immediately after birth?

Let’s do it mamas!

Boost happiness

Boost your mood

Release stress

Release anxiety

Lower depression

For you. And your baby ✨ You both need it. The world needs it.

Did you know this?


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