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Manage Anxiety During The Pandemic & Additional Ways If You Are Pregnant

1. Stay away from constant news.

2. Keep busy. Make sure you have a ton of different type projects you are working on to keep your mind & body moving, since so many social activities have been cut off.

3. Make to-do lists of things you NEED to do each week and cross them down. It will give you motivation and productivity.

4. Allow yourself to feel down/sad/overwhelmed... Notice your feelings & take action, take care of them adding some self care immediately so they heal and not build up.

5. Do something you’ve always wanted to do and never had time to, which will fulfill you! Maybe a home project, learning a new language, an online course or seminar.

6. Do remind yourself of the why. Despite our life also being affected (jobs lost, work projects cancelled, no school, no trips...), remember that others around the world are suffering, health care professionals are fighting, and families are mourning without getting a chance to say goodbye. Focus on how to make the best out of this, and count your blessings despite the losses.

7. Stay connected. Tons of Facetimes with family and friends, near and far.

8. Remember that it will pass. We'll overcome this, and be stronger. Practice mindfulness meditation.

9. See this as a chance for the world to re-evaluate things. For humans to help each other out and appreciate the once "normal" things. And for earth to take a break from pollution, for example.

10. Eat healthy. Exercise. Reduce caffeine intake.

11. Follow people online who inspire you, give you ideas and are positive. Remove the negative and drama.


10. Take this time to prepare: registry, nursery decor, birth plan, furniture building, name brainstorming, etc!

11. Take this time as a unique opportunity to have quality & alone time with your husband and/or kids.

12. Take this as an opportunity to allow your body to rest & grow your baby: sleep in, take a nap, more skincare, no makeup, baths, books, etc.


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