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Missing Old Versions Of Our Kids

I miss her!

I LOVE to see Sofia grow & evolve, it’s so exciting and beautiful, and I love my life even more as years go by. With more kids. With more adventures. With more memories.

But it’s still hard to say goodbye to the baby and toddler that she used to be.

Realizing this just makes me want to forever soak in the present. To grab some extra patience and energy during those “play with me mommy” requests, despite how busy or tired I may be.

Because one day, she won’t ask me again. And I’ll miss it. I know I will.

I will never take for granted the current version of herself. Despite the challenges. Like I never have in the past. I know I soaked it all in. And I forever will. I promise 🤍✨

Do we parents ever stop missing old versions of our kids?


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