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Mom Confidence Boost

I’m often messaged by moms asking for help and advise. And although I’m always happy to tell you how I personally do things, what worked with Sofia and what is now working for Beckham, my number one advise is: FOLLOW YOUR MOM INTUITION.

Because parenting is not one-size-fits all. So no books, family & friend advise or “rules” apply to every kid in the world.

I love to share what works for me and how I do things mainly to INSPIRE mamas to find their OWN ways, and to prove to you that you can find balance & success doing things your OWN way!

Because I honestly followed zero rules, zero books, zero advise 🤭 and simply followed my gut. I listed to that voice inside me from the start, never doubting it, and doing what felt right for us. For MY family. And I’m sure lots of “experts” would disagree on ways I did things, but you know what? It worked perfectly for us! And I learned along the way.

I wish there were more books about believing in yourself as a mom, and less “how to” books! I feel like those end up stressing new moms, and putting guilt and pressure on ourselves on how we are failing not doing things the way they are “‘meant” to be done.

I empower you to listen to our mom intuition instead, feel confident & free in your own choices, and judge others less.

Because you know who knows what is best for your kid? YOU!

Follow your mom gut

Mute the noise around you

You are always right no matter how different your road looks.

Cheers to a mom confident boost ✨ You are doing great!


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