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Mom Labels & Stereotypes

Healthy mom

Lazy mom

Fit mom

Working mom

Instagram mom

Glam mom

Hot mess mom

Super mom

Stay-at-home mom

You think these are all different types of mom labels? Nope. These ALL define me!

Yes, I don't fall into one category, I have my moments, and they ALL make who I am.

To the person next to me at the gym, I am fit mom.

To the driver dropping Amazon packages daily, I am the hot mess mom.

To the friends I see once a year at an event, I am the glam mom.

To my clients, I am the working mom.

To the people at the park, I am the stay-at-home mom.

You get the point!

We tend to label others under one mom stereotype and the truth is, there's much more to us than that.

So next time you are quick to judge a mama by what you briefly see, stop and think there's much more that you actually don't see.

No more mom judgements.

No more mom categories.

No more mom stereotypes.

Mix, match, and create your own mama-style!


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