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Mom Strength

“But you can do it all because you are so strong"

Or am I strong because I have no other option but to be?

Strength is something I have gained through the years due to life experiences, need and struggles.

Moving across the world on my own

Starting a business in another country at 23

Failing a thousand times

Raising my kids with no family around

Balancing growing my business and my kids

Sometimes you have no other option but to be strong to make it.

And I’ve been through enough to learn how to be strong and get through the hard days with a smile on my face and positive attitude, which makes it look effortless from the outside, and helps me feel like it's easier than it actually is, because I enjoy the ride no matter what.

And you know what? Becoming a mom made me realize that nothing makes you stronger than being a mother.

We always keep going despite being tired

We never give up on trying our best

We embrace the chaos

We have the most patience

We have hope for the future

We love the hardest

And there’s no giving up

But it’s also the best hard work I’ve done because you truly, instantly, are given superpowers. They are our biggest strength, no matter what, I look at my kids and they make me smile, they give me energy when there isn’t anymore left, and they make me do anything it takes.

So when you ask me how I do it remember, YOU have got the powers too, they are right next to you ✨


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