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My #1 Product Recommendation to Help Your Baby Sleep!

The winter months are fast approaching, and the nights are getting cooler! This can be challenging if, like me, your toddlers kick their blankets off at night and then wake up asking to be covered again and again! Beckham and Sofia used to fall into this never-ending-waking cycle, which was completely exhausting for the whole family!

But, good news! I've found a solution to these sleepless nights, Dreamland Baby! I first heard about Dreamland Baby's gently weighted sleep sacks on social media, so I decided to try it with Beckham, and I am so glad I did! He has not woken up cold since we started using the sack, and he sleeps for much longer stretches at a time. The sleep sack has been a game-changer for our family. My sleep quality has improved, and we are all much happier and well-rested, which is crucial to our overall health!

What makes Dreamland Baby's Sleep Sacks & Swaddles unique?

  • The weighted sleep sack features Dreamland's exclusive CoverCalm™ Technology, evenly distributed weight from the shoulders to toes, that activates Deep Touch Stimulation to help give your baby feelings of security and comfort.

  • The gentle weight is 10% or less of your baby's body weight – so no worries about it being too heavy. Your baby can do anything in this sack that they can do in a non-weighted sack – roll, sit and even stand!

  • Dreamland's products are made from 100% natural cotton, so they are incredibly soft to maximize your baby's comfort.

  • The sacks feature a handy two-way zipper for fuss-free diaper changes –love that!

And although B is at an age where he can use blankets (although he constantly kicks them off, which is why I need this product during the winter months!), this is also an excellent product for babies who can't safely use blankets yet. The sleep sack helps to keep them feel calm, comfortable, and secure.

I'm thrilled to partner with Dreamland to offer you this special deal! Use my code, LAURAG20. to get 20% off my go-to sleep solution and improve your family's sleep this winter and throughout the year.

The sacks are available in 0-36 months. So, grab one for your baby/toddler or give the gift of sleep to your friends and family! Shop Today & Sleep Tomorrow!


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