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Baby Moon Tips

Updated: Oct 3, 2018

Planning a Baby Moon is so important, even if you stay locally (or a stay-cay-baby-moon). Here are my tips to planning the perfect pre-baby getaway!

WHEN: I recommend taking the trip early in the third trimester (week 29-30 are ideal) so you have already taken care of the most important things baby-prep wise, have done your baby shower, and can finally relax, for real! You will most likely still have great energy and feel good, not too heavy, plus, you will still be able to fly nationally.

LOCATION: Choose a place you know YOU & your partner will be able to

- Relax

- Do activities you enjoy (and can do)

- Has the weather you are craving

Personally I chose Maui, Hawaii, because I wanted a tropical & national spot, full of relaxation and adventure.


- Cute & comfortable apparel (you'll want to look good in those photos - aka - memories for life, but you'll also need to be comfortable)

-  A good camera (yes your phone takes great pics, but you'll want to blow them up!)

- A tripod (you may get lost and explore wherever you are with your hubby, and trust me, you will need it!)

- Great books (the perfect time to enjoy a bit of down time before the madness)

- Prenatal vitamins & vitamin C (your immune system is weaker when you travel and through pregnancy, you will need to boost it with an extra dose of Vitamin C during your travels)

- Good sunscreen, after sun & lotion (with your growing belly you need to take extra care of your skin to avoid stretch marks and sun spots, even if you go to a cold location, you will need lotion for dry skin which can also create problems)


- Book a good SPA session (a couples massage - including your prenatal massage - is ideal, you can also book a mani pedi and facial, all perfect to relax and pamper yourself)

- Make at least ONE nice dinner reservation, everything else just go with the flow! But you will enjoy a nice meal under the stars or by the ocean

- Book a nice hotel, because if you feel lazy one day and just want to stay in, you can do that and still enjoy the best amenities (pool, spa, room service and the daily breakfast buffet!)

- Book a car and explore wherever you are, discovering spots on your own is the best! A convertible is super recommended if you are traveling to a warm area!


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