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My Baby Shower: Vendors & Ideas

Updated: Oct 3, 2018

Whether you are planning a personal or professional event, you'll need good vendors and fun ideas to make it successful. I will run you through everything I had at my baby shower so you can brainstorm and find out new brands/companies to include at your next event!

The location is one of the most important things. We celebrated it at a beautiful private residence up in the Hollywood Hills with stunning indoor and outdoor space and amazing LA city views. We rented the house for the weekend so we had time to set up and clean up!

The color scheme was blush pink and gold, and the décor consisted on:

- Blush pink, gold and white balloons filled in with gold confetti all around

- A sparkling gold "Sofia Skylar" banner

- Gold confetti spread around the floors (indoors & outdoors)

- Flower Bouquets in every table: A mix of cream and blush pink flowers with a glass cylinder vase lined with gold middollino from The Empty Vase

Food is super important too, you need to make sure guests are not hungry, and that you cater to all likes:

- We had a sweets table/station that was set up at throughout the party, people could go grab sweet snacks whenever they wanted. That included: chocolate and classic doughnuts, pastries, mini brownie bites, cookies, scones, mini muffins, and of course, the beautiful baby shower cake which was half marble half chocolate!

- We also had salty snacks all around the house (at the pool table room and at the big TV / lounge room) which included: different type of chips, yogurt covered pretzels, trail mix, popcorn...

- We catered the main food, so servers passed it around with trays during the whole party too, we had a bunch of finger food including different type of canapés, cheeses, shrimp sticks, charcuterie, pasta bites, sausage bites, etc

As for the drinks I also had an amazing bar selection. The party was daytime so I wanted to have a bunch of healthy refreshing choices.

- I had a beer bar with 6 different types of beer

- A mimosa bar with OJ & Cranberry juice options

- Flavored low calorie Sparkling Wine from Social Sparkling Wine

- A variety of green juices from Suja

- And flavored Kombucha from Health Ade which we served in flutes and everyone loved!!

As for the cake, I wanted it very simple and elegant: all white frosting with a touch of gold on the top & bottom decor, and tiny accent pearls. Half marble half chocolate, to please all guests!

We chose to have no "girly" baby shower games, as we had 70 invites, male included. Instead, we had a pool table room and a fun photo booth I rented from Selfie Booth, which is so much fun to have at any event and a great memory to bring back home. I customized the print out frames so it was personalized, and had baby props, which made it extra fun!


The Hashtag Booth
The Hashtag Booth
Feb 19, 2022

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