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My Hair Schedule

I was one of those girls who washed & styled her hair every day pre-baby (even though I knew it wasn't the best to wash my hair so often, but I loved to do it, and I felt better/more put together if I did).

Once you become a mom, washing your hair daily isn't your top priority, esp because showers are suddenly a minute long, if you are lucky. Yet alone thinking about drying your hair and styling it? No way.

At the beginning of motherhood I rocked the bun life for a while, I honestly didn't care, it's more comfortable to breastfeed and cuddle your baby with hair out of your face anyways. But as time went by and I figured out a schedule, I started to figure out a new hair rhythm for it to be styled and not have to wear a daily bun, at least not 24/7.

Here's my hair schedule so I only have to wash it every 3-4 days (twice a week):

Day 1. WASH + DRY.

I make sure I use a shampoo that works for me. Personally, I don't use a moisturizing shampoo as those are the ones that leave my hair more greasy, maybe it looks good day 1, but def not after. Also, with a moisturizing shampoo my hair is harder to style, as it "falls" easier. For me, voluminous shampoos work best. Another tip: only add conditioner on the ends and, use a scalp cleanser once a week which keeps it clean longer.

This first day, I don't style it, I just dry my hair with a hair dryer so it's pretty and straight.

This is by far the longest day, but maybe 20min (I try to shower in under 10 and then drying is another 10).

Shampoo here & here (one time I use the volumizing and the next the detox) Conditioner here & here (same, keep varying, it works best for me this way) Root scalp cleanser here

Hair dryer here (a powerful and nice hairdryer has also helped dry faster & better)

Detangler here

Day 2. STYLE.

I first add the root lift spray to add volume lost overnight. Then I style it with a wand by layers. It takes me 15min. I like to curl it so it looks cute and professional for my meetings. So I try to plan it around my big meeting or event of the week.

Wand I use here

Root lift here Setting spray here

Texture spray here & here


I first add dry shampoo to my roots. Then I add texturing spray from the bottom of my hair to add volume + soak oils. Then I retouch some curls (with a more "messy vibe"). It takes me 10min.

Dry shampoo here & here

Texturing spray here & here

Wand here


If I have no meetings/events/important happenings that day, I brush my hair and do a high bun.

If I have something but it's not a major deal, or, my hair is not crazy bad, I re-do day 3.

If I have something big going on, somewhere important I need to be, I repeat and wear my hair straight that day.

This is what works for me and what has been easy to manage while looking good. See below how my hair looks on day 1, 2, 3 & 4!


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