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My Non Negotiables To Keep My Identity Through Motherhood

Something I was really conscious of before becoming a mom, was evolving & growing into my new role without losing my identity and who I am, what fuels my soul, other than my kids, of course.

I knew I had to go through something really challenging: to transition into being the care taker of other people 24/7, to make them my whole world, without losing who I was, and still taking care of myself and feeding my fire, outside of motherhood.

So I asked myself: What makes me who I am? What are things in my life that are essential to my happiness and need to keep as a priority through my intense first mothering years?

☑️ Working out & daily movement to feel energized, focused and strong inside & out.

☑️ To keep my business growing to boost my mind & start new exciting projects and new businesses to fulfill my entrepreneurial spirit.

☑️ To empower woman to go after what they want, and know they can accomplish anything as a personal passion.

☑️ Traveling often for freedom, inspiration & creativity.

I knew I had to somehow manage to keep doing all of that, while suddenly putting others first.

And, by knowing just that: what my priorities were (other than my kids), I have been able to sustain it all, and most importantly, keep developing MYSELF and keep evolving. Because although our new mom roles may be the biggest of this stage of our life, we are more than mothers.

It’s been 4 years now and it’s obvious that, having two kids in two years has brought many challenges, but it hasn’t stopped me. I’ve kept fighting to keep my other passions alive, and have chosen which ones can completely fade away.

By prioritizing my non negotiables, I’ve been true to who I am, while putting my kids first, and giving them the best version of myself: a happy, fulfilled, motivated and inspired mom ✨

What’s one thing that has helped you maintain your identity through motherhood? What were your non negotiables?


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