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My On-Demand Courses, Explained

Sure, there are lot's of pregnancy classes and courses out there, but what I struggled with the most through pregnancy as I was gearing up to welcome my baby, was that, a lot of courses were not complete.

Some prepared me for labor, others for my baby's care, other for breastfeeding, but I struggled to find a course that combined it all and more. I wanted emotional support, empowerment, I wanted to know exactly what was to come to have tools and practical solutions, and not just theory. I always felt the need to be active finding my own resources and lists, along constant research, instead of being provided with it all.

I created my On Demand Courses to for exactly this reason: a complete set of courses that touches base on the main pillars, one not more or less important than the other.

Because the way you treat your body pre pregnancy will impact your pregnancy, the way you get support and prepare through the pregnancy impacts your birth, and the way you navigate and prepare through pregnancy and the way you give birth will impact your postpartum experience physically and emotionally, on all levels.

Here's a little behind what's in each course:

Pre and Early Pregnancy Helps you prepare your body for pregnancy and be the optimal home for your baby, speed up conception, support fertility, and guides you through how to support a healthy pregnancy from the start, creating a good foundation for the rest of the journey! It also gives you all the important decisions that should be properly done early on, that will impact pregnancy, birth and postpartum.

Birth Prep Helps you prepare your body, mind and soul for labor, helps you make a birth plan knowing all your options, planning for plan Bs, learning how your partner can support you through labor and delivery, exactly how to use interventions properly (if any, and how to lower the needs of using them), how to boost relaxation through birth, walking you through all the birth essentials, hospital bag... and much more like how to minimize tearing, for the best birth & postpartum, experience no matter what.

Mom Care Helps you understand exactly how to take care of YOU through end of pregnancy and postpartum: how to fuel your body and minds to boost your mood and energy level as well as how to heal properly, how to incorporate self-care with a newborn, and all about postpartum mind and body recovery to feel at your best, lower PPD and anxiety, and be able to take care of your baby too.

Postpartum Plan Helps you create a real postpartum plan learning how to delegate help, learning about new family dynamics, new sibling relationships, maternity leave vs working with a newborn, life with a newborn... Alongside a lot of mindset work to be open and flexible through the newborn stage adapting to the changes, stress-free.

Newborn and Nursing Helps you understand all newborn patterns, realistic expectations, warns you of challenges with solutions ahead of time so you can navigate them much easily, it provides you with red flags so you can do something about each issue fast and minimize any problems, as well as provides you with all nursing 101 tips and resources.

Of course, my personal recommendation is to enroll in all of them, and the best way to do so its through the Master Bundle of all 5 pregnancy, birth and postpartum courses, that never expires. So even if you are trying to conceive or really early pregnant, you can still enroll now, and watch as your journey evolves: ENROLL IN THE FULL MASTER BUNDLE

Overall, you finish the courses feeling empowered and confident that you have all the knowledge and education, all the tools, all the products and practical solutions to the problems, so you face and navigate postpartum with the peace of mind of feeling and being prepared, which makes you trust yourself and your intuition even more, and makes you enjoy the ride! Lowering mood disorders because you will know how to treat yourself well, you will have the right headspace, and you will have a real plan.

Ideally, I recommend taking each course in this order and during the following weeks:

1. Pre and Early Pregnancy 0-20 weeks (ideally, 3 months before trying)

2. Birth Prep (20-35 weeks)

3. Postpartum Plan (25-35 weeks)

4. Mom Care (28-35 weeks to 2 weeks postpartum)

5. Newborn and Nursing (30 weeks - 2 weeks postpartum)

This is perfect for first time moms who are looking to set realistic expectations and feel prepared when facing the complete unknown, and also perfect for second time moms who are looking to improve their first postpartum and birth experience and be more prepared this time around, or who are looking for a refresher, 360.


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