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My Pregnancy & Postpartum Courses Are Here!

Updated: Mar 8, 2022

After 4 years immersed in my personal pregnancy and postpartum journeys, and helping moms worldwide through my social platforms, I decided to get my Pregnancy & Postpartum Doula Certification to back up my knowledge and step up a notch the way I can help my mom community 🤍

During pregnancy, society has made us focus our attention on planning for the BABY's arrival, and maybe take some general classes for labor.

But it's truly uncommon to seek help to plan for the mental shift we are about to experience, to take care of our roller coaster of emotions that can lead to postpartum depression, to plan furthermore than spending money on baby gear and a nursery, and to prepare to take care of ourselves within the chaos, not only our new baby.

And through Postpartum, we get a quick lame checkup, and we are expected to enjoy the ride with zero tools, unless you actively seek for them & prepare. It's not normalized to have anyone professionally check in on our mental health & emotions. To guide us to adapt to the new rhythm, to smoothing into the new role transition, and boosting our confidence to trust our new mom intuition. Extra important during these isolated years we are living!


A safe place to feel heard and understood

Guidance to finding ourselves again

Planning for logistics

Being provided with education and resources

A calming reassurance too

Because a mom can’t take care of her baby/toddler, if she isn’t in the right place emotionally! No matter how you seek help, remember that you are not meant to do this alone, you deserve to get support, guidance, and make the best of your once-in-a-lifetime journey.

The goal is to gain confidence, knowledge, education, tools and community, for a better transition into motherhood, to be properly prepared mentally too, not just focused on spending money buying all the baby items you probably don’t need, and avoid feeling overwhelmed with the REALITY of postpartum.

Postpartum Plan: Coming Spring 2022

Newborn & Nursing: Coming Spring 2022


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