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My Reality As A Working From Home Mama

Myth = you are a stay at home working mama, so you must be working while your kids play around the house.

Reality = I only get to my computer when they sleep.

Sure, being a business owner helps my flexibility. I can work less, delegate more work, and I can work late nights.

But, do you want to know a secret for multitasking my days?

I actually don’t multitask doing two things at the same time. I focus on one thing at a time & give it my all.

Because juggling everything at once makes you get frustrated, not get anything done properly, and not enjoy everything as you should.

So instead, I embrace each moment focusing on what I’m doing.

My tricks to “do it all” through the day?

✔️ when I go on a stroll with B = I take work calls & respond to friends audio notes with my head seats.

✔️ When they eat = I eat.

✔️ When they play independently a little bit = I tidy up, cook, or do something easy around them. Sometimes I even get to some emails from my phone.

✔️ When they go to sleep = I focus with computer work in the office!

And a final trick? I go with the flow! Some days more work gets done. And some days, nothing gets done.

Of course, those mamas who’ve had to work your 9-5 jobs this past year from home with kids, is a whole different story. But I don’t ever want you to think that I work a full day with my kids. Just sharing so you keep realistic expectations on how my working days look like.

And you know what? It’s not for everyone. But I love it. It’s a few years of my life until they both go to school, I love my business and I wouldn’t give that up either. I have no family around to help, and I’m choosing to embrace it and enjoy this stage to the fullest ✨

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