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My Thoughts On Labor

I trust my body

I trust my mind

I trust my environment

I trust my team

I trust the process

I trust my baby

I trust my lead

I trust my timing

I trust my instincts

I am strong

I am capable

I am empowered

I am supported

I am made for this

I am in control

I am powerful

I am relaxed

Birth is natural

Birth is exciting

Birth is miraculous

I know birthing can be scary, mainly because they choose to show that in movies. They choose to tell us it’s painful instead of the empowering side. And people choose to focus on the crazy stories.

But YOUR BIRTH isn’t like ANYONE else’s. It’s YOUR own. Shut down all the noise. Believe in yourself. Envision your process, with your team, with your powerful mind and body. Accept the pain as a way of listening to your needs through labor and to get you one step closer to meeting your baby.

No other animal doubts about the capability of giving birth. Birth is an experience we should all look forward to without fear!

Sure, things can go wrong, sure, things may change due to unknown circumstances. And that’s why we have options and plan Bs to take care of those, IF needed. And we can accept them with an open mind too.

But I promise you that, if you don’t believe in what YOU are capable of, if YOU don’t control YOUR breath and mind, if YOU don’t trust YOUR team and environment, if YOU have fear and are closed to the experience, you’ll definitely end up believing that is true.

Choose what YOU believe in.

Choose believing in YOURSELF.


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