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My Thoughts On “Pregnancy Will Ruin Your Body”

“PREGNANCY WILL RUIN YOUR BODY” Ugh. How many times did I hear this before my first pregnancy? And unfortunately, something that a lot of people hear on the daily! Not cool.

YOUR BODY WONT BE RUINED. IT WILL BE TRANSFORMED. You'll create life. You'll nourish life. You'll become a mother. It will go through the most incredible journey and process.

I’ve never been more proud of my body, and I’ve never cared less of what other people think of it. Because I’ve never been more confident and grateful of what it’s done, and what it's currently doing again, and no one can take that away from me. No matter what others think or say. My body has proven ME that it's amazing and it can create life's biggest blessings.

Now, it is true that your mindset controls how you feel about the process and how you see your body too. So: work on your mindset!

Remove negative people.

Negative words.

Negative feelings.

Eat healthy, clean and balanced.

Yes, your body needs healthy fats and carbs too!

Treat yourself.

Be active.

Move your body.


Take breaks.

Release stress.

Add daily self care.

Take time for you.

Your body goes through a lot in this journey, and you'll have less time than ever to be selfish.

But now more than ever: you will need to worship it, treat it well, nourish and fuel it properly, and give it ALL the love!

Keep active and eat clean not to “look good” or “bounce back” but to TO GIVE BACK TO YOUR BODY: to create the best home to grow + nourish your babies. To feel empowered and energized to do it all. To feel confident and grateful. To grow old and healthy. And to keep a positive mindset through all the body changes too!

Don’t be hard on yourself. Don’t pressure yourself to look exactly like you did before. Pay attention to what your body is doing and reward it by pampering it and loving it more than ever. That’s how you’ll be able to love it more than ever too!


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