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My tips for flying during pregnancy, no matter which trimester you are in

1. Keep extra hydrated 2. Wear compression socks 3. Don't go through a full body scan, request a pat down instead 4. Sit in the isle and go to the bathroom as often as you want 5. Walk more than you even want to, even overnight 6. Stretch before, during and after the flight 7. Bring healthy snacks with you on board 8. Take a vitamin B6 supplement for nausea, 25mg every 4-6h, since it can get worse on board even if you have no nausea any more 9. Bring mint gum for nausea too 10. Drink magnesium before taking off to ese nausea, as an anti-inflammatory, and leave let you rest more during the flight 11. Extra cozy & warm outfit


Vitamin b6 here

Magnesium here


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