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My Working From Home Tips

1. Maintain Regular Hours. A structured schedule including when you start, take pauses, and finish. The guideline can also be structured in sections: when you handle phone calls, when you handle emails, and when you dedicate time to a specific project. This said, remember you are working from home, so you'll be able to overall be more flexible. But structure will help.

2. Get dressed, wash your face, do your morning routine. It will make you feel refreshed and be on a more productive work-mode. Yes to being cozier, but no, don't wear PJs all day.

3. Create a space dedicated just for your work. If you don't have an office room, create an office corner in your living room, or even on the dining room table. Don't stay in bed or work in the couch. And don’t set up your office space in your bedroom, bedrooms are a sacred space to sleep and relax.

4. Include things that add to your productivity around you, like a scented candle or essential oil diffuser with scents to focus such as lavender, rosemary, lemon, cypress, peppermint... If you are pregnant lavender is a safe one) good lighting, fresh air, flowers, and a cup of something healthy and refreshing or warm to sip!

5. Put your phone aside. Unless you do work on your phone - then mute all notifications such as text messages, that may distract you often. If it is not temporary, consider getting a separate work number.

6. Schedule breaks and what you'll do: have a smoothie, play with my kids, make + eat lunch, call a friend on facetime, go for a walk, workout... If you know exactly what you'll do during the break, it will also be easier to be productive versus turning on the TV and un-motivating yourself.

7. Have to-do lists that will help you get to work!

8. End your day with a routine too. Don't work ALL day just because you are working from home. Have the set work schedule we mentioned in point 1, and also know when you are DONE and have a routine: nighttime skincare routine, cook, go out with friends/facetime, spend quality time with your family, read, watch a movie, etc

Is working from home recently new to you due to #Coronavirus? Are you having any specific challenges?


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