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Navigating Hard Times As A Mom

In 2020 & 2021 we are experiencing lots of changes and a shift in society through social events which may make us feel unstable, unsafe, worried, anxious. Our emotions are ALL over the place, which is normal and to expect.

So here is something I want you to remember during the months to come.

Unplugging to ground yourself, doesn’t mean you don’t care.

Turning off the news wanting to preserve your energy doesn’t mean you are not informed.

Being informed doesn’t mean being over consumed.

Taking a break from “the outside world” doesn’t mean you are “out of touch”.

You CAN navigate these times at peace and aligned, and it doesn’t mean that you are not fighting for what you stand for.

In fact, us moms need to practice this mindset more than anyone because we are raising the next generation, and no matter what you think or feel, we ALL have one COMMON goal for the future of our children & the world.

Us moms have a HUGE role right now. More than ever, we need to be prioritizing our health & energy. Because we need to be fueling our kids with strength and love.

Don’t let the world divide and anger get to you. Don’t be a part of it either. Don’t fuel the fire.

While others can take a break from work and their duties to be consumed with fear, anger, excitement... whatever their feelings may be. Moms don’t get breaks from being a mom. Moms don’t get time back from missing out on their kids.

Our kids soak our energy. They feel what we feel. It DOES affect them. And they are our future.

So when you are feeling off, overwhelmed, remember to unplug, focus on your family, and soak THEIR energy instead!

Our kids are our strength and light, they have the power to shift our emotions. To put a smile on our face on the most crazy or sad days.

We are here to guide them, to raise them. But they are also here to guide us and give us all the strength, love, compassion, faith and kindness through these wild times.

We are SO lucky to be moms right now, and we have one of the biggest roles there is. WE WERE MADE FOR THIS!

For the sake of our future, we need moms strong, protect your peace, mama. Our kids need us!


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