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Need More Time in your Days?

We can all agree that once you become a mom, more than ever, you just need more hours in the day to squeeze in everything that "needs" to get done.

There's always more that could've gotten done

That we wanted to get done

That we thought we'd get done

Especially with the unexpected that children bring, and how so many times, our to-do lists simply need to get cancelled or paused.

Trust me, I get it. I “need” more hours in the day too.

But with time I’ve learned that it’s NOT about how to squeeze in everything in one day, but how to prioritize what’s most important each day while embracing the unexpected shifts, the changes, and being okay with what can't get done and has to wait for tomorrow.

Once we learn to shift our expectations, once we are okay with doing less sometimes, we then embrace to do what we are BEING ASKED to do today.

Because we are used to doing SO much, and we stress when we can't be as “productive” as the day before.

But the truth is, productive with our time sometimes means just that: doing less, embracing slower days, days where things need to be cancelled, days where we need to rest.

Productive doesn't translate into how much in your to-do list gets crossed off, but instead, how much we are listening to the true needs of what today asks from us.

Sometimes, we need to do less, to be productive. Sometimes, our life stages requires us to do less in our to-do lists and more for US & for our littles. And that is more than okay too ✨

Have you had this feeling too?

Have you embraced doing less yet?

share with a mama who needs to hear this!


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