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New Airline LAX-BCN

Updated: Jun 21, 2022

The route LAX-BCN is back thanks to Level and I couldn't be happier!

This was our first time flying with the Spanish airline and we had a great experience.

We got premium seats and it's SO worth it. Why?

  • Above all, roomier seats with 37 inches of legroom, generous recline and your own adjustable footrest, so important for both kids and parents to be comfy and get the most rest in the long flight.

  • You get to be in a smaller, private cabin with only 21 seats, perfect for more quietness & less distractions, much needed for kids to sleep well.

  • AC and USB charging at every seat

  • You get to relax with blankets, pillows and a LEVEL amenity kit (including key toiletries) which makes the experience more comfortable and cozy

  • You get 1 cabin bag and 2 checked bags (23kg) So that meant with 3 seats we bought we could check-in up to 6 bags, amazing for long trips (although we only checked in 3).

  • A speedier journey through the airport, with dedicated check-in counters and priority boarding, essential with kids too!

  • Such a large selection of the latest film releases & TV boxsets, and your own 12-inch TV screen and noise-cancelling headphones in the premium seats.

  • Great dining experience in style with a full 3-course meal, drinks and a lighter meal (including drinks) which was so good (got the kids meal for them).

So yes, aside from amazing direct route, I 100% recommend upgrading your seats!

If you are thinking about traveling, check out all of their routes, especially if you want NY-BCN or LAX-BCN, they do direct flights, yay!


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