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New Home Jungle Gym: The Perfect Indoor Play Area For Little Kids

Gift active activities > toys that pile up and that they forget about

The Walnut 9-in-1 Swedish Ladder Wall Gym from Avenleur is THE perfect indoor play area to keep the kids active indoors!

It teaches them major developmental motor skills like strength, conditioning, coordination, flexibility, balance as well as creativity, imagination and confidence. And it encourages problem-solving and cognitive skills too.

This multifunctional wall gym offers nine different exercise stations ensuring endless possibilities for active play:



Rope Ladder

Rock wall

Rope wall

Rock Ramp



Pull-Up Bar



It’s designed with detail, safety in mind, with sturdy construction, and weight-bearing capacity, to ensure stability during play, peace of mind, and allowing the whole family to play, yes, even parents. It truly makes for a great place to work out and stretch, which I love to do before bed while they play.

Not to mention that it is aesthetically pleasing and made to last with sustainable materials and DCA fee, that benefit our health and the environment. And that it doesn’t take that much space since it’s on the wall!

Get your kids learning and moving indoors too!


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