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New Intention Ideas for Moms to Improve Motherhood

Intentions are not goals, they are centered around a way of living, rather than an end result. They shape our day to day actions and mindset so we can enjoy this stage more.

They allow us to have a purpose on the way we mother, help us craft our days, remind us of our values, and prevents living in survival mode.

So here are my suggestions:

  • Be more present: is an easy intention. But try to think of the actions you'll actually want to do this year to be more present. Like putting the phone down when spending quality time with kids, more random playtime with the kids sprinkled through the day (even if it's 10min here and there), block times of the day for activities versus always trying to do something (there's always going to be cleaning to do).

  • Give myself grace: dinners don't need to be crazy recipes, you don't always need to have a plan, the kids don't always need to look put together, the laundry or dishes can wait...

  • Leave space on my days and calendar for me: we often fully book our days with to-do lists, appointments, playdates, errands, chores... make sure you add space for YOU: too dates with friends, workouts, accupuncture/chiropractor/therapeutic massage, a walk with a podcast, home pampering...

  • Treat my body with kindness: as moms we can be so hard on our bodies and often times that can lower our mood or even stop us from enjoying an activity. Shift your mindset and treat your body with more kindness. Repeat affirmations every night giving thanks to your body for all it has done, wear the bathing suit and play with your kids at the beach, shift your diet to nourish your mind and body...

  • Let go of the thought of being perfect. Comparing yourself to other moms (remember you only see what they want to show you, they aren't perfect either), always thinking you can be better (yes, there's always room to grow so be proud of all you already do), thinking you have to do it all (newsflash, you can't, be okay not getting to all of your to-do list, and be okay with asking for help).

  • Embrace the chaos: it's okay if they make a mess, it's okay if the home isn't always perfect, it's okay if they are loud inside the house. Our expectations from our kids should be more realistic, childhood and having kids is cahotic, let's do our best to balance allowing it during this stage.

  • Say YES more: how many times do you find yourself saying no. Or I can't now I am busy. Or no, you can't help mommy so you get things done faster. When truth is, you can totally take 10min off, and you can totally allow them to help for 10min untuil they get over it, even if they slow you down. Those day-to-day moments may be your best memories can change a random moment into a beautiful one.

Which one will you take with you?


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