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Newborn and Nursing On-Demand Course

We are all meant to be the best mothers for our children. We all have the amazing mom intuition within us.

The problem is, there's too much external noise shutting down our intuition, there's too much fear of creating bad habits from the start, making us second guess our gut feelings, and doubting our capabilities of being a good mom.

My Newborn and Nursing course is meant to reset that. It provides education and guidance to help you gain confidence, so that you can follow your baby's lead. So that you spark your own mom intuition. So that you feel stress-free and can navigate the journey with a confident approach, along a road map of organization so you feel ready too.

So, what does it teach you?

✨Normal baby behaviour

✨ Realistic expectations

✨ Newborn patterns

✨ Newborn care

✨"Solutions" to normal "challenges" ahead

✨ Red flags

✨ Newborn true essential products

✨ Bedside essentials

✨ Differences between colic and witching hours

✨ How to navigate witching hours

✨ Newborn mom mindset

✨ Nursing essentials

✨ Nursing tips

✨ Nursing basics for a good foundation

✨ Nursing issues to act on the root cause

✨ Shutting down baby myths

And much more.

✔️With video lessons, downloadable cheat sheets, lists, resources, links...and you can watch and re-watch as many times as you want for a refresher as you navigate the newborn stage too.

I recommend watching this course between 35 weeks pregnant and 4 weeks postpartum.

This course is also inside the Master Bundle of 5 pregnancy and postpartum courses that support your whole journey from pre conception, through your whole pregnancy, birth and postpartum. Also available through the link in bio.


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