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OB Provider Red Flags!

Updated: Apr 28, 2022

As your doula one of my passions (and duties, I feel) is to make sure that you are completely informed about ALL of your options and red flags AHEAD of time, so that you can make proper decisions from the start, while encouraging you to advocate for yourself and your baby.

Because, how are you supposed to see and know about red flags if you’ve have not experienced them yet?

Choosing the right team is one of the most important things, making sure they will listen, support and respect your choices and concerns. And I’m here to help you with that:

Interview them! Ask questions. Don't be afraid.

* How do you approach the use of tools and interventions in labor?

* How do you feel with freedom of movement when pushing?

* What's your c-section rate?

* What's your episiotomy rate and under what circumstance would you preform one?

* What's your philisophy with doula support?

* Etc

Find the right provider for YOU, mamas. This is a major experience and will impact your postpartum. Don't settle.

Newly pregnant or trying? Enroll to my On Demand Pre & Early Pregnancy Course to learn how to prep for pregnancy, tips for a healthy pregnancy, and all of your options from the start including a full interview list of questions for your team to have the right conversations from early on.

In your 2nd or 3rd trimester?

1.Enroll to my On Demand Empowered Birth Prep Course that will prepare you for birth, including how to prepare your mind and body for a smooth labor, step-by-step guidance to getting educated on all your birth options, discovering what type of birth YOU desire, making a plan advocating for your wishes, how to make the best out of every scenario while working on mindset flexibility to adapt to potential changes too.

2.Enroll in Mom Care On Demand Course to learn how to take care of YOU through the postpartum stage to feel at your best, emotionally and physically.

3. For the FULL Master Bundle of all 5 Pregnancy and Postpartum Courses, for 360 preparation from pre pregnancy, through all pregnancy, birth and postpartum: enroll here


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