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On Demand Empowered Birth Preparation Is Here!

My Empowered Birth Preparation On Demand Course is Now Available. You can take it at your own pace & time, even re-watch it!

A step-by-step guided approach to getting ready for birth.

☑️ Full birth education in an easy-to-digest format and non overwhelming language. Learn how to breath through contractions & pushing, optimal positions, how to not tear (or minimize it), how to get the best natural birth, epidural or c-section experience...

☑️ Learn ALL your birth options so you can discover what you want, so you can have proper discussions with your provider ahead of time and can properly advocate for your wants and needs, making empowered decisions that will impact your birth experience.

☑️ Prepare the mind and body for the best labor and birth. Changing the way you view birth, welcoming flexibility and change.

☑️ Video lessons with all resources, linked products, printable cheat sheets & lists under each lesson.

So if you are...

✨ A first time mom who doesn’t know where to begin and needs a detailed action plan.

✨A pregnant mom who doesn’t have time to research and wants a simplified complete road map to get ready for birth!

✨ A mama who had a traumatic first birth and wants to discover all her options to better prepare this time around for a more empowered birth experience.

Click here to enroll with a limited time offer and see the full curriculum.

💻 Pre & Early Pregnancy on-demand is also available. The rest of the on-demand courses will launch this spring 2022.


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