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On-The-Go Toddler Smoothies

I always say that toddler food + travel isn’t that difficult because she eats whatever I eat every meal since it’s always clean & healthy.

But one the difficulties about toddler food while traveling is that, just like at home, she sometimes eats bites throughout the day. It really depends on the day. Like any toddler.

So of course I can’t take my salmon and veggies with me all day so she can keep taking a bite every hour. And of course, having constant healthy finger foods when traveling / on the move isn’t easy.

So to fight this here’s my tip:

Every time we are at a restaurant (for example breakfast at a hotel) we ask for a custom made smoothie to go (smoothies are simple and easy for them to make too). I have them make it with almond milk, fruit, veggies and healthy fat. Keep it very simple, fresh and always vary ingredients.

It’s an easy way for her to “carry” her smoothie around all morning, and “eat” her food slowly. Another alternative to pouches, which we also always carry at least one around as a snack. And smoothies are also refreshing perfect for summer.

Room service & poolside bars also have done smoothies anytime we’ve asked.

TOP things I like to add in her smoothie?





Almond butter



If you are home and plan to stay the morning or afternoon out, this is also a great idea to make and take on the go, easy to sip in the car or stroller.


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