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Our Parenting Styles

Although we both have the same values and ways of wanting Sofia to be raised, as parents and individual personalities, we organically have different roles and ways of parenting her. Which is a good thing, I believe.

Naturally, I am more of the nurturer. Very affectionate, I teach her through guidance, we spend our time doing more educational and developmental activities, I provide her with all her nutritional nourishment, we are silly together, we laugh and are very loving. We do tons of coloring, painting, crafts, role play (dolls, cooking and playing doctor is her jam now), flash cards, motor skill activities... She's always hugging me, and comes to me when she has something to explain or cry/complain about.

Daddy is much more active and energetic naturally. He has tons of physical and imaginative play with her, they build forts, play hide and seek, fight invisible monsters, do obstacle courses, cheer leading tricks, take fun long baths, and read tons of books. He puts boundaries in a more disciplinary way, negotiates, and is always encouraging her to do new adventures out of her comfort zone.

We have very different styles, with the same goals and believes. I feel like that it gives her a good balance of activities and ways of learning and spending her time. Especially now, that she’s home 24/7. There’s more variety!

I also noticed that, after Sofia turned 2, daddy is able to organically spend more and more time with her. Not because he didn’t want to before, but simply because they are able to play more and do more things together as she grows from a baby to a girl.

Perfect timing, because I will soon need to focus a lot of my time to the new baby 😬


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