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Our Partner Weekly Meetings

Life changing tip: have weekly partner meetings! How is your partner supposed to know what you need from him otherwise? One thing that works wonders for our family is sit down and chat about the full week ahead: ✨Does either of us have a meeting outside school hours that requires the other one of us to take over all parenting & house roles? ✨ Do we have a family event to attend? ✨ Do we have any house delivery or labor that someone needs to be home for? ✨ Does my husband have any open houses / client showings on weekends so I can plan playdates and activities alone with the kids to make it easier on myself? ✨ Which family activities do we want to do this week and when? ✨ Does one of us have a lot of deadlines that will require a bit of work hours in the evening and the other one to take over? ✨ Are we traveling that week or soon? What needs to be done? ✨ Does one of us need to change shifts with school pick up and/or drop off? The more we communicate our needs ahead, the more we tell each other what we need from each other and when, the smoother & easier the week goes. 📅 And having a shared calendar is game changing too, but communication & weekly review on top of that to know more I find it so needed! We don’t have much help other than preschool, or family around, and we rely on each other so this is a must. However, even if you have a big village, this is a game changer for the relationship to get things done through the week with no fights or arguments, because everyone knows what needs to be done. And it gets done with no complaints. Because we are a TEAM.


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