Postpartum Affirmations

Dear mama with a fresh baby,

Repeat after me...

I do not need to please people to meet my newborn

I do not need to host people over

I can ask for help when I need it

My house can be messy

I don't need to look good for anyone

I need to focus on FEELING good for myself, and my baby

I don't need to rush my workout routine back

I can dress in comfortable loungewear and robes

My uterus takes weeks to shrink

My body needs to store fat to breastfeed

I need to nourish my body to be healthy and heal right

I am not crazy, my hormones are fluctuating

My old clothes will take a while to fit again

My newborn doesn't need to dress in cute clothes every day

My friends may not relate, understand or help, but I can find a new community of woman who can

I can hold my baby through naps, I am not spoiling my baby

I can boost my oxytocin levels with closeness to my baby

I can accept the new temporarily slow days with no schedule

I can follow my intuition, I can do things my way

I can sleep in with my baby to make up for the frequent night wakes

I can take advantage of my baby sleeping all day to take little naps or lay low

I can be grateful for my body and allow it time to heal

I can embrace not knowing what I am doing

I can go with the flow and learn along the way

I can stay away from guides, my baby and I are unique

I can release expectations

I can choose to make good memories out of this stage

I can enjoy this temporarily stage.