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Postpartum is More Than 40 Days

Yes, the first 40 days are crucial in rest and recovery

Yes, you may stop bleeding

Yes, your uterus may go back to its pre pregnancy size

Yes, you may be cleared to start working out (slow and steady)

Yes, baby blues may be gone

Yes, you may start to get into a "routine"

Yes, some may go back to work

🚨But your body is still healing way beyond

🚨 Your hormones are still shifting too

🚨 In fact, your brain and body changes last up to 2 years postpartum

However, we are pushed to believe that postpartum is over at 40 days. That we can “go back to our previous life” as if nothing happened. We feel pressured to feel and look like we did pre pregnancy. And that mindset doesn’t allow us to navigate the postpartum journey and what it truly requires from us.

✔️Because we need more than the first 40 days of help and check-ins

✔️Of baby cuddles for oxytocin and mental health

✔️Of taking it slow and easy, for our brains and bodies

✔️Of slow pace with connection and intuition

✔️Of extra body healing with the proper movements to allow everything to truly go back to its place

✔️Of proper attention to nutrient intake for mental clarity and emotional support

Truth is, forcing ourselves to think we need to back to pre pregnancy life at 40 days can be very damaging on our mental, emotional and physical health through the first two years postpartum especially. And we simply need to change the mindset of understanding that, Postpartum takes more time. And that is okay.

Once we accept this, we can let go of unrealistic expectations, heal properly, ask for more help, allow ourselves to have slow days, be productive in non-society ways and shut down the noise and listen to our true needs!

To keep nourishing, keep evolving, and get to discover our new selves, with time, patience, and grace 💫

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