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Postpartum Is Only The Beginning

Updated: Mar 8, 2022

The postpartum period is just the beginning of motherhood. And we often forget about that.

We frequently think that postpartum is a rough & brief period of time where we recover from child birth, and boom, we get back into our old lives, just with the new mom roles.

Same body, work, mindset, schedules, soul. But with a baby to take care of. Right? Wrong! That couldn’t be any further away from the truth. We are forever changed.

Postpartum is just the beginning of a new long motherhood road. First time mom or not. Each time, a new motherhood journey begins.

It is just the beginning of a NEVER-ENDING learning experience, of constantly adapting to changes, schedules, patterns.

Of practicing what real patience, selfless acts of service and knowing how and when to prioritize things, and how to take care of YOU.

Of figuring out how to balance it all with no true equal balance at all.

And we can either drown in the forever challenges or embrace the new roles and how to build the right support system and mindset from the start, to enjoy the wild beautiful ride.

Moms often experience postpartum with a “get it over with” mindset, without focusing on building a good foundation for the rest of motherhood.

A healthy perspective. Flexibility between planning and going with the flow. Embracing the slow stage and focusing on getting to know our babies without rushing them to sleep through the night or be unattached before they should be as an unhealthy society makes us believe.

Getting to know our NEW selves without forcing ourselves to go back to who we were pre-babies & creating the best version of that.

This was exactly my passion when I started the Online Courses: to help moms embrace the postpartum journey, prepare them mentally & emotionally, have all the tools to tackle challenges and a good foundation in every way.

To have the confidence & the intuition trust, to become the mom THEY were always meant to be ✨ Without fighting fitting in old pants and old roles.

Because your new self can always be a better version, it’s all about believing in that.

Enroll in Mom Care Course here to learn how to take care of YOU through the 4th trimester and create a good foundation for the rest of motherhood!


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