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Practicing Self Calmness

Updated: Oct 3, 2018

I am definitely NOT a calm person by nature, but with time, I have learned how to be calm through struggles, stress and difficulties, those moments when you need to remain calm the most! 

Here are my SELF CALMNESS and tips & tricks that help me personally achieve that! Inhale, exhale. Let's begin:

1. Taking a DEEP breath is number one. Count to five and...

2. Move on quickly: cry about it and let it go! Yes, release some tension complaining, crying, venting to your friend or partner, but then move on!

3. Treat yourself & find a relaxing place. It does not need to be a SPA day, even if it's a nice meal, a bath, time off to read a good book. Adding a bit quality-me-time every week will increase self-calmness.

4. Exercise: I do this 6 days a week, but if you try to incorporate some type of exercise at least two or three times a week you'll feel the difference, you will release tension and sleep better, which both will aid in calmness. Find that physical activity you enjoy (yoga, dance, walking, weight training... there's so much out there!)  

5. Healthy balanced diet: comfort food may taste delicious for a moment, but long-term will only bring you more stress and anxiety. Try eliminating processed & junk food. A clean lifestyle will also help you being in-tuned with your body, which will provide you calmness as you will be aware of what is going on. FYI: Some foods that help you relax specifically are: asparagus, avocados, berries, oranges and walnuts!

6. Avoid substances like alcohol, too much caffeine, nicotine... dependency does increase stress and anxiety.

7. Meditate, I personally do it by setting time aside to write down goals, objectives, and how I can improve any of my current problems or get rid of worries. If you take time aside to do this, you'll feel calm knowing that you've got a plan (or at least kind of!).

8. Keep a positive mindset! Remove those negative thoughts and immediately and replace them with positive ones. Try to find a bright side OR an alternative, there's always one even if it's "lesson learned"!

Practice these every single time you face an anxious moment, and I promise, with time, you'll do it automatically!


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